MrBeast’s burger company is suing him for $100 million

– Virtual Dining Concepts is suing MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) for $100 million in response to MrBeast's own lawsuit against the ghost kitchen company.

– MrBeast Burger was created through a partnership between MrBeast and Virtual Dining Concepts in 2020, operating as a virtual burger restaurant with a network of "ghost kitchens."

– The lawsuit alleges that MrBeast (Donaldson) failed to fulfill contractual obligations, including publicity and promotional work, and made disparaging and untruthful statements about the brand.

– Virtual Dining Concepts claims that Donaldson's actions led to "enormous financial harm" and damaged the reputation of MrBeast Burger.

– The legal battle began when MrBeast sued VDC to end the business relationship, citing quality control issues and "inedible" food.

– VDC alleges that Donaldson attempted to renegotiate a more favorable contract multiple times, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

– Ghost kitchens, like MrBeast Burger, operate by offering branded food items through delivery apps but preparing them in existing restaurant facilities.

– The lawsuit highlights instances where Donaldson reportedly disparaged the brand, including a tweet expressing a desire to close MrBeast Burger.

– MrBeast Burger has gained significant popularity since its inception, expanding to 1,700 restaurants and attracting large crowds to physical locations.

– The legal dispute underscores the challenges of maintaining brand integrity and contractual agreements in the fast-paced world of online influencers and virtual businesses.