MrBeast AI Deepfake Ad Slips Past TikTok's Ad Moderation

– A fraudulent AI deepfake ad of MrBeast was recently posted on TikTok.

– The ad showed MrBeast offering 10,000 viewers an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2.

– TikTok removed the ad within a few hours of being posted, but it highlights the growing threat of AI deepfakes.

AI deepfakes are becoming easier to create and access

– and they are being used to deceive people into clicking on fraudulent ads and falling for scams.

Social media platforms are using AI to moderate advertisements

– but they are struggling to keep up with the sophistication of AI deepfakes.

– The consequences of AI deepfake advertising could become more dire as global elections loom.

– AI deepfakes are videos or audio recordings that have been manipulated using artificial intelligence to make it appear as if a person is saying or doing something they never actually said or did.

– The FTC has issued warnings about deepfake marketing, but the practice has proven hard to regulate at scale.