Morocco earthquake latest updates: Death toll rises to more than 2,100 - The Washington Post

– A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck 47 miles southeast of Marrakesh, Morocco, causing significant damage to buildings and displacing thousands of people.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry has accepted assistance from Spain 

– the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the United Kingdom for search-and-rescue operations.

– The death toll has surpassed 2,100 people, with more than 2,400 reported injuries, and it is expected to rise further.

– The earthquake's impact has been particularly severe in the High Atlas Mountains region.

– The Washington Post provides images of emergency workers searching for survivors in the affected areas.

– The Moroccan quake has triggered international efforts to provide assistance and support to the affected communities.

The earthquake's devastating impact on Moroccan families is highlighted 

– with many losing their homes and belongings.