Kunlon’s Play for Fun launches no-code, AI-based 3D simulation UGC game Club Koala

– Play for Fun, owned by Kunlun Group, has introduced an AI-driven 3D simulation game named Club Koala.

– Club Koala is a social game that merges AI features with customizable user-generated content (UGC) to create personalized virtual worlds.

– The game incorporates lifelike AI Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and captivating AI-generated music for an immersive experience.

– Club Koala enables players to design their dream world, complete with unique characters, storytelling, and AI NPCs for companionship.

– The public beta release of the game is scheduled for later in the year.

– Inspired by CEO Fang Han's childhood, the game aims to provide an authentic and immersive experience using generative AI.

– Players have the power to design their own community, fostering creativity, friendship, education, and more.

– The beta launch introduces AI NPCs, exclusive island designs, and buildings, allowing players to explore, connect, and create unique stories.

– The Koala editor simplifies the process of designing virtual universes, making it accessible to all players.