Microsoft Teams is adding AI-powered ‘makeup’ filters

– Microsoft Teams is partnering with Maybelline, a cosmetics giant, to roll out AI-powered "virtual makeup" filters for Enterprise users.

– The Maybelline Beauty app offers 12 AI-powered makeup looks for users to apply during video meetings on Microsoft Teams.

– Users can choose from various blurring effects and digital makeup color options, and each look replicates real-world Maybelline products and shades.

– The virtual makeup filters are powered by Modiface, an augmented reality company that specializes in beauty industry tech.

– Modiface's technology has been used by other cosmetics companies like Sephora and Estée Lauder and was acquired by Maybelline's parent company, L’Oreal, in 2018.

– The development of the filters involved collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute to ensure inclusivity and suitability for a broad and diverse population.

– Microsoft Teams Enterprise users can find the new virtual makeup feature under the "Video Effects" tab in the meeting settings.

– The rollout of the feature started on July 19th, but it's not clear if it will be available for free Microsoft Teams users.

– The integration of beauty filters in professional communication apps has raised concerns about potential harm to mental health and body image due to unrealistic expectations.

– Despite these concerns, the demand for beauty filters in work-related applications persists, with other platforms like Zoom already offering limited beauty effects.

– The Maybelline Beauty app provides more options and customization for users, potentially making it more appealing for video meetings.

Overall, Microsoft Teams' partnership with Maybelline to introduce AI-powered beauty filters aims to provide users with a fun and customizable experience during video meetings.