๐Ÿค” Meta AI Chief Skeptical About AGI and Quantum Computing

โ€“ LeCun predicts "cat-level" or "dog-level" AI before human-level AI.

โ€“ Meta isn't heavily investing in quantum computing, unlike other tech giants.

โ€“ Current AI systems lack common sense and true understanding.

โ€“ LeCun criticizes the overemphasis on text data in AI training.

โ€“ Meta explores multimodal AI for advanced applications like digital tennis coaching.

โ€“ Nvidia's GPUs are crucial for training Meta's advanced AI models.

โ€“ LeCun anticipates the emergence of neural, deep learning accelerators.

โ€“ Skepticism about practical relevance and usefulness of quantum computing.

โ€“ Meta's focus remains on commercializable AI technology in the near term.