"Mesmerizing Spectacle: Dazzling West Indian Carnival Costumes Revealed!"

– Elaborate costumes play a significant role in the West Indian American Day Parade and Carnival.

– CBS New York offers a preview of the costumes some masqueraders will wear in the parade.

– Kay Mason, the queen of Sesame Flyers Carnival Costumes, will lead the parade despite being in her 60s.

– Carnival's immersive experience, driven by music and costumes, provides an escape for masqueraders like Mason.

– The parade features steel pan Calypso bands and Soca music, accompanied by impressive costumes.

– Aischa Carr, from Sesame Flyers, emphasizes the importance of feathers, jewels, and wiring for masquerader comfort.

– Sesame Flyers, dedicated to culture, community, and youth, has been contributing costumes since 1988.

– This year's carnival theme is "destination" to commemorate their 40th year.

– The intricate carnival-themed costumes, exemplified by a jewel crown and wire backpack, take 10 days to create.

– The creative process involves a year-long journey from theme to prototype to final costume, with meticulous attention to detail.

– The cost of these costumes can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but masqueraders consider it worthwhile.

– The carnival experience is a collective effort, with people, costumes, and music contributing to the vibrant celebration.