Men and Gen Z Trust AI More Than Women and Baby Boomer

A recent survey found that 51% of men, 57% of Gen Z, and 62% of millennials are more excited than concerned about AI 

– while only 40% of women, 42% of Gen X, and 30% of Boomers felt the same.

The survey also found that more than half (52%) of respondents believe AI will replace their jobs 

and 80% worry about AI being used for cyberattacks. 

– Younger generations are more likely to be comfortable using AI for everyday tasks, and they are also more likely to support regulation of AI.

A PwC survey found that 52% of respondents found at least one positive statement about the impact of AI on their career 

while many also chose at least one negative statement 

– PwC recommended that companies ask whether their workforce has the skills necessary to transform, as AI will continue to evolve and impact jobs.