McConnell had minor fall 2 weeks ago, uses wheelchair periodically to get around: Source

– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell experienced a minor fall at Reagan National Airport on July 14, two weeks before the date of the article.

– As a result of the fall, McConnell occasionally uses a wheelchair to get around, but he has repeatedly stated that he is "fine" since the incident.

– McConnell's office declined to provide further details about his health and the specific incident at the airport.

– In March of an earlier year, McConnell suffered a concussion and fractured rib from a previous fall, which led to his periodic use of a wheelchair.

– McConnell's wheelchair use is considered a "prudent and precautionary measure" to navigate crowded areas, according to his office.

– He has faced difficulties with mobility since surviving polio as a child and has acknowledged challenges with walking and climbing stairs.

During a recent press conference, McConnell froze and stopped talking for about 20 seconds, sparking concerns about his health

– However, he quickly returned to the podium, stating he was feeling lightheaded and assured reporters he was "fine."

– House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that McConnell seemed well during a regularly scheduled meeting, shortly after the press conference episode.

– President Joe Biden reached out to check on McConnell's well-being following the incident.

– Despite concerns, McConnell's office and colleagues reiterated that there were no immediate health concerns during the episode.