McCarthy faces threat as US House speaker despite impeachment move

– U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is in a precarious position as the top Republican in Congress.

– He initiated an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden in response to pressure from hardline conservatives and Trump allies.

– This move avoided a floor vote that could have failed, but it did not appease all hardliners within the party.

– Representative Matt Gaetz is raising the possibility of ousting McCarthy due to a secret agreement that allows any one member to call a vote for his removal.

Hardline Republicans are pressing McCarthy to prioritize border security provisions 

– and conservative priorities in short-term spending measures.

– McCarthy has been criticized for not advancing measures such as a balanced budget, term limits, and the full release of Jan. 6 Capitol attack videotapes.

– Some hardliners are focused on achieving spending cuts and addressing the U.S. border with Mexico.

– McCarthy is under pressure to enact Republican appropriations bills with deep cuts and to influence the Democratic-led Senate's spending legislation.

Many hardliners are disappointed with McCarthy's leadership and would be unhappy if he avoided a government shutdown 

– if he avoided a government shutdown with support from House Democrats.

– The situation remains uncertain for McCarthy as he faces internal party divisions and pressures from various factions.