Materials To make your own traditional Japanese kimono


Kimonos are typically made from silk, but you can also use cotton or polyester 

Lining fabric 

The lining fabric should be a lightweight, breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen 


You will need two colors of thread: one color for the outer fabric and one color for the lining fabric 

Sewing needle 

You will need a sewing needle that is appropriate for the fabric you are using 

Sewing machine 

A sewing machine is not required, but it will make the sewing process much easier 


You will need a pair of sharp scissors to cut the fabric 


You will need pins to hold the fabric in place while you are sewing 

Measuring tape 

You will need a measuring tape to measure the fabric and to ensure that the kimono fits properly 

How to make your own traditional Japanese kimono

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