Massive tree comes down on Southern California driver

With yet another storm, albeit a short one, drenching Southern California

one woman in Riverside County is lucky to be alive after the already rain-soaked ground...

gave way under a massive tree that came crashing down on her vehicle as she was driving Wednesday.

First responders with the Riverside police and fire departments responded to the scene on Magnolia Avenue this afternoon.

“We were sitting in my home and from the window,

we saw the tree come down and I was very concerned because we saw there was a car underneath the tree,”

nearby resident Angela Hall, who called 911, said.

Hall added that the female driver appeared to have seen the tree falling

and was able to stop just short of where her car would have been completely crushed.

Video of the scene showed heavy damage to the front passenger side of the four-door BMW sedan and the windshield.

The impact of the tree was enough to deploy the vehicle’s airbags, which reportedly injured the woman, according to Hall.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.