Marilyn Monroe’s L.A. home saved from demolition, for now

– Marilyn Monroe's former Brentwood home, where she lived and died, faced demolition, but it has been temporarily saved.

– The Los Angeles City Council passed a motion, introduced by Councilwoman Traci Park, to designate the property as a historic site.

the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission or the director of planning review the property to assess its historic-cultural merits. 

The Board of Building and Safety Commissioners sent a notice of intent to revoke the permit request to demolish the estate 

– triggering a temporary stay on all building permits.

– The property, regardless of permit status, cannot be demolished, substantially altered, or removed due to the Cultural Heritage Ordinance.

– The home was purchased by the current owners in 2017 for $8.3 million and features four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

– Built in 1929, the home holds historical significance as it was where Marilyn Monroe's body was discovered in 1962 after her overdose.

– There was a social media outcry and a petition with over 4,900 signatures to stop the demolition and preserve the home.