Loved ones fight to free L.A. woman arrested in Russia

Loved ones of a Los Angeles woman who was arrested in Russia

and charged with treason are working to free her while she remains detained overseas.

Ksenia Karelina, 33, is accused of donating $51.80 to a Ukrainian charity in the United States in 2022

and was arrested by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

She was also accused of fundraising for a Ukrainian military cause

and attending “public rallies in support of the Kyiv regime,” in the U.S., the Daily Mail reported.

Treason charges in Russia can carry up to a 20-year prison sentence.

Karelina worked at Ciel Spa in Beverly Hills.

Her coworkers found out about her arrest when she failed to show up for work in mid-January.

She originally secured a Visa to come to the U.S. as a ballet dancer.

She had been working at the spa for the past eight years before her arrest.

Chris Van Heerden, the woman’s boyfriend,  

is working every day to ensure Karelina can return home safely  

and to finally put an end to their ongoing nightmare.