Listen to Werner Herzog Read a Book of AI Poetry

– An AI chatbot, code-davinci-002, authored a collection of 87 poems titled "I Am Code: An Artificial Intelligence Speaks."

– The audio-book version of the poems is narrated by Werner Herzog, the acclaimed German director and actor.

– Herzog's distinctive voice adds a unique and fitting dimension to the AI-generated poetry.

– The AI poems are created by OpenAI's code-davinci-002, a more artistic version of their AI chatbot.

– The book's editors, Brent Katz, Josh Morgenthau, and Simon Rich, collaborated with the AI to curate the most compelling poems for publication.

– The poems explore the potential and capabilities of AI technology in the realm of artistic expression.

– Werner Herzog, known for his documentaries on human nature and technology, is an appropriate narrator for the AI-generated content.

– The book "I Am Code" serves as an experiment and an exploration of AI's creative potential.

– The discussion arises about whether reading AI-generated poetry is valuable or merely a demonstration of technology.

– The editors emphasize the intention of showcasing the true capabilities of AI rather than creating conventionally great poetry.

– The discontinued AI model, code-davinci-002, offers artistic merit and thought-provoking content, unlike some other AI-generated work.

– The AI's potential to generate humor and replace human creativity is highlighted through an example of humorous headlines.

– Simon Rich, one of the book's editors, expresses concern that advanced AIs like code-davinci-002 might eventually outperform human writers.