Ambient AI Is Here, And We Are Blissfully Unaware Of It

Let’s make AI boring again.

That’s the clarion call recently issued by Melissa Heikkilä of MIT Technology Review,

while putting AI in charge of life-or-death decisions is controversial and nerve-wracking

it may serve us well to simply run day-to-day tasks or activities behind the scenes.

Companies might find that AI tools “are better suited for mundane, low-risk applications than solving humanity’s biggest problems,

she writes. “Applying AI in, for example, productivity software such as Excel, email, or word processing might not be the sexiest idea

but compared to warfare it’s a relatively low-stakes application, and simple enough to have the potential to actually work as advertised.

Hopefully, soon we’ll forget we’re interacting with AI at all.”

Perhaps “boring AI” is too boring of a term for this under-the-covers capability — ambient AI may be a bit of a snazzier term.