L.A. city services to be crippled by workers’ strike on Tuesday

– Los Angeles city services will be disrupted by a 24-hour strike by city workers.

– City services affected include trash pickup and access to public swimming pools.

– Residents planning to visit pools should call ahead to confirm availability.

– Airline passengers departing from LAX should arrive earlier than usual due to potential delays caused by the strike.

– Domestic flight passengers should arrive three hours ahead of departure; international flight passengers should arrive four hours ahead.

– Trash pickup will be delayed by a day, with service resuming a day later than usual.

– Striking workers are expected to picket at Los Angeles City Hall and LAX.

– The strike involves about 11,000 people, including sanitation workers, mechanics, traffic officers, and engineers.

– Other groups, such as hotel workers, Hollywood writers and actors, and UPS employees, have also used strikes to negotiate for better wages and benefits.

– This strike marks the first in 15 years for Los Angeles city workers.

– Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass stated that the workers are essential to the city's functioning and economy, and deserve fair contracts.

– City officials do not anticipate a prolonged work stoppage.