๐Ÿ”ฅ Kraken vs. Avalanche: Explosive NHL Rivalry Brewing!

โ€“ Kraken ended Avalanche's title defense hopes with a Game 7 victory.

โ€“ Fans declare a rivalry after intense playoff clashes.

โ€“ Frequent matchups in the 2023-24 season fueling the feud.

โ€“ Injuries and contentious incidents add to the animosity.

โ€“ Emotions run high as fans passionately support their teams.

โ€“ Colorado fans still harbor grudges from last year's playoff loss.

โ€“ On-ice incidents, like Eberle's hit, intensify the rivalry.

โ€“ The Kraken's victory over the defending champions stokes the flames.

โ€“ Players, fans, and history contribute to the growing rivalry.

โ€“ Seattle and Colorado now share a heated hockey rivalry.