KPMG is making a $2 billion bet on AI. It's another example of big changes that are coming to the workplace.

– KPMG is one of the world's largest accounting and consulting firms, with 265,000 employees in 143 countries.

– The company is betting big on AI, believing that it will be essential for its future success.

KPMG is partnering with Microsoft to develop generative AI tools 

which can be used for tasks such as managing supply chains and improving cybersecurity. 

– The company believes that AI can help it to improve its efficiency and productivity, and to provide better services to its clients.

KPMG's investment in AI is a sign of the growing importance of the technology in the workplace. 

– AI is already being used in a variety of industries, and its potential to transform many more is only just beginning to be realized.

– KPMG's AI tools will be used to help companies manage their supply chains, improve their cybersecurity, and make better financial decisions.

– The company is also using AI to automate some of its own tasks, such as drafting content and summarizing documents.

– KPMG believes that AI will not lead to mass layoffs, but it may change the types of skills that are in demand.

– The company is committed to training its employees on how to use AI, so that they can be more productive and add more value to the business.