Key Points from Valve's Gabe Newell Interview on Steam Box and the Future of Gaming

– Valve CEO Gabe Newell discussed the company's upcoming "Steam Box" gaming hardware, the future of the Steam digital distribution platform, and gaming in a wide-ranging interview.

– The Steam Box is designed to work across multiple screens in the home using networking standards like Miracast, enabling users to seamlessly transition between rooms and monitors for gaming and other content.

– Valve aims to build an ecosystem of content developers, including gamers themselves, rather than simply putting a box in everyone's living room.

– Valve is working on its own Steam Box hardware but also collaborating with partners. They believe in open systems and encourage involvement without imposing many restrictions.

– Valve's hardware efforts include low-cost streaming solutions (Good), a dedicated CPU and GPU (Better), and the Best box focused on high performance, appropriate form factors, and quiet operation.

– Valve plans to release their own Linux-based Steam Box, but users can also install Windows if they prefer. Valve is exploring innovative controllers with higher precision, lower latency, and potential biometric input.

– Valve envisions the Steam store as user-generated content, allowing anyone to create a store that hooks into backend services. The goal is to help users find games and experiences that enhance their gameplay.

– Gabe Newell expressed dissatisfaction with Windows 8, calling it a "giant sadness" that hurt the PC business. Valve is committed to making Steam and its hardware offerings a more enjoyable experience for users.

– Valve aims to extend the Steam Box to other screens and is considering the mobile space for improvement in gaming input. They see potential in biometrics and gaze tracking as input methods.

– The Steam Box will also function as a server, enabling multiple monitors and simultaneous gameplay across different screens. Valve believes the PC platform's scalability is one of its strengths.

– Valve's focus is on making pro players and user-generated content creators more valuable, and they aim to create a platform that supports their growth.

– Valve believes that if they create something cool and worthwhile, the internet's intelligence will lead to its adoption, and they can disrupt the home entertainment space.