Judge orders hearing on Trump's motion to disqualify Fulton County DA

โ€“ A judge has set a hearing date for former President Donald Trump's motion to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the investigation into Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

โ€“ Trump's motion also seeks to quash the special purpose grand jury report that was crucial to the case.

โ€“ The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 10th, and all briefs on the issue are due by August 8th.

โ€“ Charges in the case could be imminent, as the District Attorney previously stated that she would announce her charging decisions by September 1st.

โ€“ Trump claims that the grand jury report is "targeting" him and has no legal authority.

โ€“ The special purpose grand jury, which heard testimony from over 75 witnesses, did not have the power to return indictments.

โ€“ Trump's motion also targeted the Fulton County judge overseeing the case, resulting in the recusal of all Superior Court judges in Fulton County.

โ€“ The case is now being overseen by Senior Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster, who ordered the upcoming hearing.

โ€“ The Supreme Court of Georgia had previously denied a similar motion by Trump and his team.

โ€“ Trump's filing argues that the entire process has been unlawful and lacks procedural safeguards, making any subsequent actions legally unsound.