JP Morgan Chase CISO on AI and Emerging Threat

โ€“ JPMorgan's CISO, Pat Opet, discusses cybersecurity challenges and investments in generative AI.

โ€“ Balancing cybersecurity with a massive threat landscape is challenging for financial giants.

โ€“ CTC at JPMorgan is an "enablement organization" focused on seamless cybersecurity.

โ€“ Generative AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity by assisting SOC analysts and developers.

โ€“ Daily threat reports and formal incident response plans are key to managing risks.

JPMorgan invests over $600 million annually in cybersecurityย 

โ€“ focusing on tech advancements and attack trends.

โ€“ Red team, architecture, and partnership organizations drive investments.

โ€“ DDoS attack trends prompted investments in Layer 7 DDoS protection and SaaS-based tools.

โ€“ JPMorgan aims to harness generative AI's potential for cybersecurity use cases.