Joe Biden Just ‘Tripped’ on the World Stage

– Joe Biden's decision to snub King Charles III's coronation was seen as an insult by the British media and has undermined relations between the US and Britain.

– Biden's history suggests antipathy towards the British, with his past sympathy towards the Irish Republican Army (IRA) cause and opposition to an extradition treaty.

– His meeting with Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and a slip-up regarding the "Blacks and Tans" further strained relations.

– Biden's veto of Britain's nominee for NATO secretary general, Ben Wallace, and plans to send cluster bombs to Ukraine have ruffled feathers in London.

– British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak objected to Biden's decision, citing the UK's commitment to a convention prohibiting cluster munitions.

– Concerns were expressed by former British cabinet minister David Jones about the impact on US-UK relations and Biden's opposition to Brexit.

– Biden's antipathy towards Britain is seen as a temporary blip in the overall relationship, but troubling considering Britain's longstanding support for the US.

– The content includes additional articles on various topics, including the Biden administration's coercion of media companies and the debate on social media censorship.

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