It looks like Grimes may have come up with Grok before Elon Musk gave his AI the same name

– Grimes' new AI toy and Elon Musk's chatbot share a name.

However, the trademark application for Grimes' Grok was filed more than a month before Elon's

– The company behind the toy says Grok is short for Grocket.

Grimes' new interactive AI toy, Grok

has the same name as the chatbot released by Elon Musk's new AI startup, xAI.

Musk first announced the name of his chatbot on November 4 through a post on X,

Meanwhile, Grimes and toy startup Curio, announced the launch of their AI-powered toy

However, the trademark application for the toy Grok was filed by Curio on September 12.

That's more than a month before xAI filed its trademark application for its chatbot on October 23,

and well before Musk first announced the chatbot's name on X.

Curio told the Washington Post that the name of their toy was unrelated to Musk's chatbot

and said Grok was short for Grocket.