Investment in India is in free fall

You shouldn’t compare apples to oranges, but similarly

comparing iPhones to Androids is a fool’s errand as well.

– Omidyar Network exits India after 13 years, citing a "significant change."

– Indian startups raise only $7 billion in 2023, down from $25 billion.

– SumUp, catering to small businesses, secures €285 million for survival.

– OpenAI invests in India, enlists ex-Twitter India chief Rishi Jaitly.

– Hexa, a Paris-based startup studio, introduces Hexa Scale after $22 million fundraising.

– Sarvam AI, a 5-month-old Indian startup, secures a whopping $41 million.

– Mistral AI, a Parisian startup, closes a significant $415 million funding round.

– Google launches Gemini, AI Studio, AlphaCode 2, and updates Bard chatbot platform.

– Early-stage startups defy 2023 gloom, showing better valuations and cash flow.

– Fintechs dominate November's new billion-dollar babies; Stripe, Brex, and others adjust valuations.