Introducing Kundli GPT AI: Your Personalized AI Astrologer

– Kundli GPT AI offers personalized astrological readings and insights with a niche focus on Vedic Astrology.

– It utilizes a complex algorithm for precise predictions and ensures data security through encryption and authentication.

– The AI chatbot is distinct from ChatGPT and has dedicated capacities for custom astrological readings.

– Developed by Raj Sutariya, an NIT Surat alumnus, Kundli GPT helps identify negative influences and offers remedies accordingly.

– Users can learn Vedic Astrology, compare astrological compatibility, and explore astrology through hypothetical predictions and AI-generated advice.

– Kundli GPT is available in 12 languages and does not require registration for usage.

– Users can submit their kundli details to receive personalized astrological readings and insights.

– The tool is still in the experimental phase and may generate inaccurate responses.

– The AI landscape, including generative AI, is expanding with involvement from companies like OpenAI, Google, Meta AI, Samsung, and Apple.