International Students Key to AI as Researchers and Entrepreneurs

– New research indicates that international students are crucial for America's leadership in artificial intelligence (AI).

– Foreign nationals studying at U.S. universities have become a significant source of researchers and entrepreneurial talent in AI.

– A National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) analysis reveals that 42% of the top U.S.-based AI companies had a founder who came to America as an international student.

– Additionally, 77% of the leading U.S.-based AI companies were founded or co-founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

– The research was conducted through interviews and data gathering on the 43 U.S. companies listed on Forbes AI 50, which highlights startups with promising AI applications.

– Immigrant entrepreneurs have started more than half of U.S. billion-dollar companies, including several in the field of AI.

– Examples of successful AI companies founded by former international students include FarmWise, PathAI, Runway, and Moveworks.

– Around 70% of full-time graduate students in selected AI-related fields at U.S. universities are international students.

– Retaining international students in the United States after graduation is considered essential for U.S. leadership in AI.

– The United States risks losing the global competition for AI expertise if it fails to cultivate talent domestically and attract international talent.

– The Final Report of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence emphasizes the importance of recruiting and retaining AI talent from abroad.