😈 Inside the Underground World of Black Market AI Chatbot

– Cybercriminals are using LLMs like ChatGPT to create powerful chatbots for illegal activitie

– Models like WormGPT are made specifically for cybercrime like phishing scams and malware

– These AI chatbots can write extremely convincing phishing emails that are hard to detect

– Black market LLMs are growing in popularity and becoming more accessible to criminal

– OpenAI and Meta releasing open source models is fueling the rise of these malicious chatbot

– LLMs allow crimes like phishing without needing expertise in crafting devious email

– Researchers see a 100% rise in black market AI after the launch of ChatGPT

– Bad actors are finding more use cases for AI, so the problem will likely intensify

– Policymakers are not regulating AI fast enough to deal with emerging threat

– Public education on cybercrime remains the best defense against phishing and malware