Hurricane Lee is charting a new course in weather and could signal more monster storm

– Hurricane Lee's rapid growth into a Category 5 hurricane has astonished meteorological experts.

– Rising ocean temperatures act as fuel for hurricanes, contributing to their intensification.

Lee experienced "hyper-intensification" with an increase in sustained winds of 80 mph within 24 hours 

– far exceeding the typical 35 mph threshold.

– Major hurricanes like Lee pose threats to communities farther inland, remaining dangerous even over land.

– Previous examples include Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Michael, causing destruction well inland.

– New England faces a potential threat from Hurricane Lee, with some models suggesting it could track close to the region.

– The last major hurricane to make landfall in New England was in 1869.

– Lee could generate high seas and rip currents along the eastern U.S. coast.

– Forecasters are monitoring the interaction between Lee and Tropical Storm Margot, which could influence their paths.