Huawei is planning to take on Nvidia with its AI chips, here’s how

– Huawei secured major AI chip order from Baidu, using Ascend chips to compete with Nvidia's A100.

Nvidia dominates AI chip market, but US restrictions opened opportunity for Huawei in China

Huawei's new Ascend 910B chip said to match Nvidia A100 in raw computing power

But Nvidia still leads in software ecosystem and performance; Ascend chips lag behind

Huawei entered AI chip market in 2018 with Ascend 910 to build full AI portfolio

New 910B is upgraded version of 910, using advanced 7nm process

Baidu ordered 1,600 Huawei 910B chips in 2023 for its AI servers

China's $7B AI chip market expected to shift from Nvidia, benefit Huawei

Huawei aims to provide China a "second option" to Nvidia's dominance

With government support, Huawei expected to close performance gap with Nvidia