How To Make Responsible AI A Competitive Advantage

During his keynote speech at September's Dreamforce conference,

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff emphasized the importance of responsible AI.

He noted that the explosive growth of generative AI has created a “trust gap” with the technology.

A big part of this has been due to the problems with hallucinations.

These are responses from a large language model (LLM) that are convincing but misleading or false.

Hallucinations pose serious risks when people believe they are factual and act upon them.

Consider Benioff’s blunt take on this: “These LLMs are very convincing liars.

They can turn very toxic, very quickly.

That’s not necessarily great in a customer situation, not great in an enterprise employee situation.”

This is why responsible AI is crucial. It’s also more than protecting a company’s brand or avoiding mishaps.

Responsible AI is a competitive advantage.

Creating systems that are accurate, trusted and transparent will mean much better insights.