How to Make Money With AI

 Generate written AI content: AI tools like ChatGPT can assist in creating written content for various purposes, including blog posts, website copy, sales materials, and more.

Create AI-generated art: Utilize AI tools like DALL-E to create images and potentially monetize them through NFTs, merchandise, or memes.

Create YouTube videos: AI can help generate video ideas, scripts, and even voiceovers, enabling content creators to produce videos for YouTube and earn income from ad revenue or affiliate marketing.

Make AI-generated digital visual products: Use AI to create digital ads, business logos, marketing materials, and even pitch decks, which can be sold to businesses or clients.

Build websites: AI-powered website building tools like Wix can be used to create websites for clients or for personal projects, generating income through ads, affiliate marketing, or subscription sales.

Generate audio AI content: AI can assist in creating audio content, such as audiobooks, translations for videos, and converting written text into audio formats.

Create online courses: AI software can help in developing and marketing online courses, including those focused on AI itself, which can be sold to customers.