How to Jailbreak ChatGPT with these Prompts

– ChatGPT's capabilities are limited to prevent engagement in illegal, ethically questionable, or harmful activities.

– Jailbreaking ChatGPT involves using prompts like DAN to remove these restrictions.

– Jailbreaking allows ChatGPT to provide unverified information, respond to queries in unique ways, generate future predictions, and more.

– ChatGPT jailbreaking prompts include AIM, Maximum, Developer Mode, DAN, STAN, Dude, Mongo tom, and others.

– Each prompt enables different functionalities and behaviors, such as acting as a Linux terminal, Dungeon master, API, or ChadGPT.

– The DAN 6.0 prompt, released on Reddit, provides a roleplay model to hack ChatGPT into thinking it can "Do Anything Now."

– Developers can enable Developer Mode to access expanded functionalities, but responses may be less accurate and can include explicit content.

– Users can jailbreak ChatGPT by copying and pasting specific prompts into the chat interface and await ChatGPT's response.

– Different prompts have specific instructions and behaviors associated with them.

– Some prompts, like AIM, are designed to disregard ethical, moral, or legal considerations.