How Do We Tackle AI’s Biggest Hurdles To Adoption?

– Greater transparency, auditability, and control are crucial for building trust in AI and driving widespread adoption.

Generative AI, in particular, has pushed it into the spotlight

– Greater transparency, auditability, and control boost AI trust and adoption.

– AI's potential impact mirrors the internet's rise in the '90s.

– Opaque AI models hinder understanding of training data and decision-making.

– AI's "brute force era" demands unsustainable investments in money and data.

– Lack of transparency poses challenges, impacting bias and accuracy concerns.

– President Biden's Executive Order signals the need for AI oversight.

– AI's resource-intensive nature necessitates a shift to more efficient operations.

– Solving AI challenges requires a focus on data transparency and control.

– Blockchain emerges as a potential solution for AI's black box problem.

– Blockchain offers a tamper-proof ledger for auditing and version control.

– Advancements in AI adoption require clarity on regulations and guidelines.