๐Ÿค– How Chinese Influencers Are Using AI Clones to Supercharge Their Earnings! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

โ€“ Taiwanese influencer Chen Yiru livestreamed eating for 15 hours with an AI clone.

โ€“ AI avatars are being used by Chinese influencers, raising questions of honesty and legality.

โ€“ Legal experts suggest that AI avatars may not exempt celebrities from legal responsibility.

โ€“ Livestreaming is a massive industry in China, with over 1.23 million employees and 700 million followers.

โ€“ Livestream shopping is a major part of this industry, set to generate over 4.9tn yuan in sales in 2023.

โ€“ AI startups are selling digital avatars to influencers, making them more accessible.

โ€“ These AI influencers may put pressure on lower-tier livestreamers as they become more expendable.

โ€“ Authenticity and regulations around AI avatar use remain unclear.

โ€“ The Chinese government has proposed draft guidelines for AI technology use.

โ€“ The world of deepfake livestreamers may soon come under scrutiny from Chinese regulators.