– Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are transforming how universities educate future financial leaders.

– Over 77% of companies are utilizing or exploring AI, and some have adopted ChatGPT through enterprise-wide site licenses.

– The familiarity of Gen-Z with technology enables them to use AI and ChatGPT, but without guidance, they may misuse these tools.

– Students submitting work done by AI and ChatGPT as their own violates academic integrity.

– Relying solely on AI and ChatGPT may hinder student learning as it might skip understanding underlying concepts.

– AI and ChatGPT don't always provide accurate answers, especially for ambiguous questions.

– Instructors should guide students on when and how to use AI and ChatGPT, along with proper citation practices.

– AI and ChatGPT can be useful in scenarios like daily homework problems but less effective in more complex tasks like term projects.

– Emphasizing understanding of concepts is crucial; memorizing formulas without comprehension can lead to misapplication.

– Communication skills are vital; explaining answers and practicing soft skills are essential for future finance leaders.

– As AI and ChatGPT advance, teaching methodologies will adapt to nurture future financial leaders.