How a Norway 28-Year-Old Prepares for a Required 3-Week Summer Vacation

– Lene Vindenes, a social media manager in Norway, shares her routine for preparing for extended vacations.

– Despite the culture of overworking and lack of national laws guaranteeing paid vacation time in the U.S., Lene enjoys generous paid leave by law in Norway.

– Her company requires her to take three weeks of vacation during the summer and guarantees 25 paid vacation days per year.

– Lene finds it challenging to completely disconnect from work during her time off and feels overwhelmed when returning.

– Lene emphasizes the importance of working in an environment that encourages time off and finding a balance between work and personal life.

– Europeans, including Lene, value work-life balance and believe there is more to experience beyond work.

– After returning from vacation, Lene catches up with colleagues, prioritizes tasks, and creates a to-do list to manage the workload effectively.