House returns as McCarthy, McConnell at odds in government shutdown battle

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces challenges from House Republican hard-liners who demand spending cuts 

– and oppose Ukraine aid, putting him in a difficult position.

– Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell supports Ukraine aid and opposes a government shutdown, creating a standoff with McCarthy.

– The disagreement between McCarthy and McConnell over Ukraine and disaster aid could lead to a government shutdown.

McCarthy might be able to pass a short-term funding bill with Ukraine aid on the House floor with some House Democrat support 

– but it could anger hard-line conservatives in his party.

– McCarthy is trying to appease hard-liners by suggesting he will launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

The status of spending bills in Congress is uncertain, with the Senate slowly working through its bills,  

– and the House having only cleared one of 12 appropriations bills.

– 18 "purple" congressional districts that voted for Biden in 2020 but elected Republicans in 2022 could be pivotal in determining control of the House in 2024.