Harvard Grad: Students Use Chegg and ChatGPT for Homework, Not for Learning

– A Gen Z audience member at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference expressed skepticism about the long-term educational benefits of AI in the classroom.

– Nadya Okamoto, a Harvard graduate, stated that students use Chegg and ChatGPT primarily to obtain homework answers and not for learning purposes.

– Chegg, an education company providing homework and studying assistance, faces competition from ChatGPT and Google's Bard, which offer similar services for free.

– Chegg's stock price suffered a significant drop when students showed increased interest in generative AI tools.

– Chegg's CEO, Dan Rosensweig, announced Cheggmate, a virtual study assistant that aims to provide tailored help to students.

– Okamoto expressed concern that AI tools like Cheggmate discourage active engagement with course materials and prioritizing curiosity.

– Rosensweig argued that Chegg serves students who lack resources and have unconventional college experiences, aiming to help them improve their lives and graduate with skills.

– He criticized academic institutions for being lazy in updating curricula and professors for not designing thoughtful exam questions that cannot be answered by AI prompts.