Google’s AI search is getting more video and better link

– Google's AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an experimental feature in Google Search.

– Opted-in users of the SGE feature can now see images and videos in their search results' colorful summary box.

– Google is also working on improving the speed of the summary box's appearance and adding more context to the links it displays.

– CEO Sundar Pichai believes SGE represents the future of Google Search, offering a new way to think about search functionality and results.

– Integrating video into search results is expected to enhance the user experience, allowing specific moments or chapters in videos to answer queries effectively.

– SGE aims to synthesize and generate relevant, true, and helpful information rather than just providing links.

– Contextualizing links remains essential for SGE's success, and Google is experimenting with displaying publish dates and in-line links in the AI summary.

– Despite its usefulness, SGE's loading speed remains a challenge, and Google is working to make it faster.

– SGE is particularly handy for queries related to recommendations, such as "where should I go" or "what should I watch," as it provides multiple sources, media, and context.

– The integration of images and videos in SGE might lead to a shift away from the traditional "10 blue links" in search results.