Generative AI in the Enterprise: Insights from Women in AI Panel at VentureBeat Transform 2023

– The Women in AI panel at VentureBeat Transform 2023 discussed the role of generative AI in the enterprise.

– Mastercard's Chief Data Officer, JoAnn Stonier, described generative AI as 'everything, everywhere, all at once' in the enterprise.

– The shift towards generative AI is significant compared to the focus on predictive AI, governance, bias minimization, and model creation in the past.

– Organizations are now driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO) and are trying to understand the right approach for their enterprise regarding generative AI.

– Emily Roberts, Senior Vice President of Consumer Platforms at Capital One, emphasized the excitement and potential of generative AI but stated that no significant changes have been made yet at Capital One.

– Xiaodi Xhang, Vice President of Seller Experience at eBay, discussed how eBay has introduced generative AI into its listing flow, with positive customer reactions and a focus on efficiency and user control.

– Mastercard has expanded its AI council to evaluate generative AI tools and is exploring areas such as knowledge management, customer service, chatbots, advertising, media services, and interactive tools for customers.

– The validation of generative AI outcomes requires a careful distance between the input and the output, and organizations are refining their strategies accordingly.

– VentureBeat Transform 2023 event in San Francisco provides a platform for top executives to share their experiences and insights on integrating and optimizing AI investments for success and avoiding common pitfalls.

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