Generative AI bots will change how we write forever

– Generative AI (GenAI) bots are often criticized for potentially enabling cheating among students in essay assignments, leading to calls to ban their use in educational settings.

– However, panicking about GenAI bots destroying writing is shortsighted, as similar concerns have arisen with the introduction of past technologies like Wikipedia, which eventually became widely accepted and used in educational settings.

– GenAI bots are not the enemies of writers or instructors; they are new technological teaching tools that can be leveraged to benefit education and writing.

– Instead of resisting these technologies, the focus should be on preparing students for the ethical use of GenAI bots and understanding their potential impact on writing in the future.

As algorithms for GenAI bots become more discipline-specific, they will develop complex abilities and produce dynamic writing,

– leading to new career paths such as "Prompt Engineers" who guide GenAI to deliver specific outcomes.

– Industries like outdoor recreation will benefit from the rapid production of content facilitated by GenAI bots, which will evolve to meet specific needs effectively.

– Subscription-based GenAI services are likely to become prevalent for commercial content production, and educational institutions will need to adapt their teaching methods to include GenAI-supported environments.

– Forward-thinking institutions like the University of Florida are critically engaging with AI's role in education rather than imposing restrictions.

– GenAI bots offer opportunities to learn and adapt to new technologies rather than fearing them, emphasizing the need for preparing students for the future workforce.