Generative AI and Foundation Models Face Inflated Expectation

– Generative AI and foundation models are at the Peak of Inflated Expectations in Gartner's 2023 AI Hype Cycle.

– Other notable AI applications on the peak include smart robots, responsible AI and neuromorphic computing.

– Computer vision, data labeling and annotation, cloud AI services and intelligence applications are the most mature AI technologies.

– Gartner predicts generative AI and decision intelligence will reach mainstream adoption in two to five years.

– Businesses are becoming disillusioned about ModelOps, edge AI, knowledge graphs, AI maker and teaching kits, and autonomous vehicles.

The AI innovations that are lowest down in the Innovation Trigger section of the Hype Cycle are autonomic or self-managing systems 

– first-principles or physics-informed AI, multiagent systems and neuro-symbolic AI.

Questions that data and analytics leaders should ask themselves before investing in generative AI include.