๐ŸŒŸ Former Barcelona โ‚ฌ25m centre-back Dmytro Chyhrynskyi reflects on his time at the club.

โ€“ Chyhrynskyi played only 14 games in his first season with Barcelona.

โ€“ He struggled with the immense pressure and lack of adaptation time.

โ€“ Pep Guardiola was supportive and advised him to focus on specific tasks.

โ€“ Chyhrynskyi's departure was due to financial difficulties at Barcelona.

โ€“ He faced injuries and career setbacks but found form in Greece.

โ€“ He returned to Shakhtar due to the war in Ukraine.

โ€“ Being close to his family in Ukraine provided mental support.

โ€“ Chyhrynskyi sees his life experiences as valuable for personal growth.

โ€“ He remains grateful for the support he received, especially from Guardiola.