FBI raid on Staten Island targets alleged robbery ring: officials

– The FBI conducted a raid in Staten Island, New York, on a house in Arden Heights.

– The raid was in connection to a string of robberies that took place in Brooklyn and New Jersey between January 20 and July 12.

– Two suspects, Tony Claton and Lawrence Dotson, were taken into custody during the raid.

– Claton and Dotson have a history of committing violent robberies.

– The evidence against the suspects includes video footage, license plate reader data, cellphone location data, records from Harbor Freight Tools and U-Haul, and eyewitness testimony.

– Both suspects are accused of using guns and aggression during the robberies.

– One of the robberies took place on Clinton Avenue in Staten Island, where a victim was threatened at gunpoint and struck in the head during a home invasion.

– Another robbery occurred at the Annadale Smoke Shop in Staten Island, where the suspects tied up the clerk and stole cash and cigarettes.

– The suspects attempted to rob a jewelry store owner in Edison, New Jersey, by impersonating FBI agents.

– The suspects were also involved in a robbery targeting the owner of an ice cream store in Brooklyn.

– If convicted, each suspect could face up to 20 years in prison.