– SB19's A'TIN won the 2023 Billboard Fan Army Face-Off by securing 51.1% of the votes in a final battle against SEVENTEEN's CARATs.

– The competition commenced on July 5 and went through several rounds, including Round 2, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Final.

– The top fan armies that reached the Quarterfinals were for Cardi B, EXO, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, SB19, SEVENTEEN, Shakira, and TWICE.

– The Semifinals witnessed SB19 and SEVENTEEN emerging as victors, leading to the final showdown between A'TIN and CARATs.

– SB19's victory marked the second consecutive win for a K-pop group in the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off, with Stray Kids winning the previous year.

– Notable past winners of the competition include Super Junior's E.L.F, T-ara's Queens, and BIGBANG's VIPs.

– The competition showcased the strong support of fan armies for various artists, ranging from established icons to newcomers who are pushing music boundaries.

– SB19's triumph in the competition highlighted the passionate dedication of A'TIN and their impressive ability to mobilize votes.

– The competition engages fans from diverse musical backgrounds, highlighting the influence and reach of different artists and their fan communities.