Explosive UAW Strike Shakes Auto Industry - Billion-Dollar Impact Revealed

– The UAW (United Auto Workers) is a long-standing union founded in 1935.

The union has a history of engaging in strikes and labor disputes 

which have led to significant concessions for workers 

– including the first employer-paid health insurance plan for industrial workers and the first cost-of-living allowances.

– The most recent UAW strike occurred in 2019, involving 46,000 General Motors (GM) workers and costing GM $3 billion.

– The UAW is currently engaged in a strike at multiple auto plants, including GM, Ford, and Stellantis.

Workers are demanding better offers from the companies 

– including higher wages, benefits, and job protections.

The strike has garnered significant attention from the media 

– with President Biden expressing support for workers' rights to strike and use collective bargaining.

The strike comes at a time when Tesla, a major player in the auto industry 

– is experiencing significant growth as the world's largest global manufacturer of electric vehicles.