"Explosive Probe: Elon Musk's Secret Glass House Sparks Federal Investigation!"

Elon Musk and Tesla are facing investigations by the Justice Department and the Securities 

– Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding a secret project involving the construction of a glass house in Austin, Texas.

The investigations revolve around suspicions of misusing company funds for personal projects, 

– the Justice Department and SEC are looking into whether Tesla's money was used to fund Musk's glass house.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have requested information about the project, 

– including the amount of money spent by Tesla and the nature of the project itself.

– The project, internally known as "Project 42," aimed to build an all-glass house for Elon Musk near Tesla's headquarters in Austin.

– Tesla employees were reportedly confused by the significant expenditure on specialized glass for the project, prompting an internal investigation by Tesla lawyers and board members.

The investigations also focus on any other benefits or compensations received by Musk that were not properly disclosed, 

– as public companies like Tesla are required to disclose benefits exceeding $10,000 for senior executives.

– Elon Musk and Tesla have a history of regulatory scrutiny, with Musk previously clashing with the SEC and settling for $20 million over misleading claims about taking Tesla private.

– The SEC has been actively pursuing cases involving CEOs receiving undisclosed benefits, similar to the situation with the global Hilton hotel chain.

– The ongoing investigation highlights the tension between Musk's ambitious personal projects and his responsibilities as the CEO of Tesla.