๐Ÿš€ Exclusive: US to Tighten Control on AI Chip Exports to China

US to prevent American chipmakers from selling semiconductors that bypass government restrictions to Chinaย 

New rules added to existing restrictions on chip and equipment shipments to Chinaย 

Rules will block certain AI chips and require companies to report othersย 

Updates expected soon, potentially impacting diplomatic efforts between the US and Chinaย 

US aims to prevent chips and equipment from strengthening China's militaryย 

Previous restrictions impacted Nvidia, prompting them to release less advanced variantsย 

The US plans to introduce new guidelines for AI chips, focusing on datacenter AI chipsย 

Consumer product chips exempt from new restrictionsย 

Removal of the "bandwidth parameter" widens the scope of chips coveredย 

Introduction of a "performance density" parameter to prevent workaroundsย