Escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante armed, police warn as manhunt intensifie

– Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped convicted murderer, is being pursued by Pennsylvania authorities.

Police warn that he is armed, and residents in the area are advised to lock their doors 

– and windows, secure vehicles, and stay indoors.

– There was a report of a homeowner shooting at someone matching Cavalcante's description.

– A pair of shoes was found during the search, though it's uncertain if they belong to the fugitive.

– Authorities had initially believed Cavalcante was in Chester County, Pennsylvania, but are considering other possibilities.

– Cavalcante's sister is not cooperating with the investigation and is facing deportation proceedings.

Police are concerned that Cavalcante may attempt to steal another car 

– and urge the public to check home surveillance videos and secure their properties.

– Cavalcante escaped from a Pennsylvania prison by stealing a van and altering his appearance.

– He was spotted in a different location than initially believed, and authorities acknowledge the security perimeter was not foolproof.